This is an old-favourite of coaches around the world. It’s a fun group game that maximizes play, particularly if courts are limited as you only need one court for a number of players.

1. Split the players into even teams on opposite ends of the court. If numbers are odd, then split the teams into equal ability (or as close to it as you can get).

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2. There’s two variations to the game:

version a. Teams play first to 10 or 15 points, with both ends of the court working as separate teams to win a point against the opposing team at the other end of the court.

version b. players get 2 or 3 lives each and once they make 2 or 3 mistakes they are out of the game. The last player left standing with lives, wins the game for their team.

3. The coach will feed the ball into play, making sure each player gets a feed.

4. Once the game is complete, play again with those at the baseline moving to the net, and those at the net playing from the baseline.

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