Ace High

This tennis game developed for groups of players is very flexible and allows for quick rotation of players. It also aligns well with introducing different tennis strategy elements. The game is designed for a minimum of 4 players but can have more players lined up next to the net post as reserves.

  1. The aim of the game is to become ace and stay there, while the other players are trying to beat ace and move up to that ace position.
  2. In this tennis drill if ace loses a point (because of an error or a winner hit against him/her) every one will move up a position. In a game with 5 players ace will then become the reserve next to the net posts and the reserve will move into the jack position.
  3. If jack or queen lose two points in a row (i.e. an error on two consecutive points is made by an individual in the jack/queen position or a winner is hit against either the jack or queen) they are automatically moved to the reserve position and the reserve position will move onto to the court. If it is the queen who loses twice in a row, jack will move up a spot to fill the empty queen position.
  4. The twist comes tactically when if king loses two points in a row (by error or by having a winner hit against the individual in the king position), then both the Ace and King will be substituted off and every player will move around two rotations.
  5. Therefore players in the jack and queen position can tactically play against the king if the Ace is too hard to get out. Much like a game of doubles where one player is strategically targeted more than the other.

Ace High Tennis

Another element that can be introduced is if Ace wins a point at the net then they will receive an extra life.

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