With X-Men tennis this is a good drill for getting the feel of playing a certain style of shot. It also encourages consistency.

From the diagram below you can see that the rally will be played out in a certain way.

  1. The first shot will be a cross-court feed from the bottom-left player in the diagram below.
  2. The next shot is returned down-the-line.
  3. the 3rd shot is back cross-court.
  4. the 4th shot is back down-the-line
  5. the rally continues in this pattern.

X Men Tennis Lessons Drills

This is about consistency rather than blasting a player off the court, so players should count the number of shots they are able to collectively make in a rally, and see if they can beat it with their next rally.

Players should complete three rallies in each position and then quickly rotate one spot clockwise. This way a player gets a go at every shot.

  1. January 2, 2016

    This drill is great practice for moving your opponent around by hitting controlled, well placed balls. I recommend it to anyone who is having trouble controlling their shots!

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