Up & Back Control

This is a variation of the X-Men drill but brings in the more difficult element of having a volley pair at the net.

By doing this players will have to ensure their accuracy and target placement is optimal. The ball will be coming onto all 4 players racquets a lot quicker due to the short distance involved (then if all 4 players were at the baseline) so it brings in a fun and challenging scenario for an advanced group.

Volley and Groundstrokes 4 Player drill

As you can see the drill works as follows:

1. A will volley to D

2. D will hit a groundstroke to B

3. B will hit a volley to C

4. C will hit a groundstroke to A

5. Continue on in this pattern


Aim for a target, such as a rally of 15 balls. After that’s completed either set a higher target (such as 20) or have all 4 players change places and hit from a new location. It’s important that everyone has a turn from all four positions.

This drill can also be modified by moving all 4 players up to the net to volley between each other – a great fast-reaction drill designed especially for doubles.

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