Designated Switch

Four players will be on court during this drill – with one player from either end actively hitting and the other player from either end of standby for misses. This drill is played out in the singles court.

1. The drill can be played from out of either the Deuce (1st court) or the Advantage (2nd court). In the diagram below we have A & D actively hitting out of the Deuce court with B & C in the ad court on standby for a miss.

2. A & D will rhythm hit out of the Deuce court (rhythm hitting isn’t trying to win the point, but hitting shots in a groove of consistency with both players).

3. If a mistake is made or a ball is hit into the advantage court on either end, either B or C will hit the ball back into the Deuce court and the player that made the mistake will switch with the partner on their end (while the rally is still going).

4. So for example A & D are rallying cross-court into the deuce side. Player A mishits a shot and it goes into the 2nd court, towards C. Player C will hit the ball back down the line into the Deuce court, while at the same time A & B have recognized A made a mistake and are switching positions. B will run across and hit the shot that C hit down-the-line and direct that shot across to D. If B makes a mistake returning the shot across to D then A & B will swap again straight away.

Designated Switch for Four Players

This drill rewards consistency as a player who doesn’t make a mistake remains the active hitter out of the pair. However mistakes will happen enough to keep all 4 players on their toes.

By having all four players cover the whole singles court, any mistake made should be easily continued on, which allows for ongoing intensity and rhythm in this drill.

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