Cross-Over On The Run

A Basic cross-over drill is used here, however the changing dynamic of the drill is to have two players on one end consistently moving and hitting the same shot, and in doing so practicing their shots on the run.

As per the diagram, if both players are right-handed they’ll be hitting on-the-run backhands out of the advantage side.

1. The coach will assign a shot for two players at one end – in the diagram it’s player A & B

2. A will be hitting down the line to D while B will hit cross court to C.

3. After each shot A & B will cross-over – so B will hit a shot and cross-over with A who will then hit his/her shot. This pattern continues. Two cones could be set up behind each other on the centre mark that the players have to get around after each shot.

4. C & D will stand in the same place and focus on getting that ball back into the ad court for A & B to continually hit.

5. The coach can play out the drill in a rhythm hitting style, or as an actual point.

6. After a certain amount of time the coach should swap the hitting roles for A & B (so A will hit cross-court and B will hit down-the-line).

7. After that’s complete A & B should hit out of the deuce court hitting forehands if they are right-handed.

8. Once that’s complete players will swap ends and C & D will be the active players completing the cross-overs out of both the ad court to start and then the deuce court.

cross over on the run drill

It could be a good idea with weaker players to start them in the deuce court hitting forehands first (assuming they are right-handed) and then move them to the advantage court to hit backhands once they have some rhythm and consistency.

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