Tricycle Tennis

Tricycle tennis is a game that has one player on one end of the court covering the singles court and two opponents on the other end covering the doubles court.

  1. Begin by having one of the doubles pair players or a coach feed the ball to the right-handers backhand.
  2. The singles player will the hit back to the opponents while the doubles pair hit shots back to the singles player alternating which side it is hit to each time. So as you can see from the diagram the first shot goes to the backhand, the 2nd to the forehand, the 3rd back to the backhand and the 4th back again to the forehand.
  3. Play first to 10 points and then rotate one position clockwise.

Tricycle Tennis Game - Tennis Drills HQ

  1. January 29, 2016

    Your instructions are based upon having a 4.0 player or better!
    Beginners do not have that level of control for both direction and distance.

    • February 1, 2016

      Yes absolutely, this drill is for more advanced players 🙂

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