Gang Up

Gang Up takes a tactical element of doubles, that is targeting a specific player and his/her weakness. There are many varieties of this game that you could implement as a coach or player – just a little bit of creative thinking and you can come up with a variety of different options.

In ‘Gang Up’ the rules are simple:

1. The player in the singles court must nominate which player in the doubles court who they have as their target for the match. In the example below it’s the player in the deuce court.

2. The players will play first to 15 points. However if the player who is the chosen ‘target’ makes a mistake then the singles player will receive two points off that point.

3. The twist is if the player who is the target wins a point by a volley (and remember this can be changed to any shot that the coach desires) then the doubles court will win two points – and on top of this the target then changes to the other doubles player.

4. After first to 15 points is reached, swap players so that there is a new singles player.

gang up game tennis 3 players

As mentioned earlier there are a range of different variations you could put in this game. Variations include only having unforced errors result in double points – or the target player losing two points only after missing a certain shot such as a backhand – or having the target player lose points if they hit a shot behind the baseline.

Please share some of your variations by putting them in the comments! 🙂

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