Approach & Attack

This is a great drill for three players that provides an intense environment, particularly for the player who is on the singles end of the court.

1. The coach will feed in a short ball that the singles player must attack and hit an approach shot off.

2. They will follow that shot in to the net and play out the point from the net position.

3. After a mistake is made the singles player must sprint backwards, touch the baseline and come in for another approach shot.

Because there are two players against one, the singles player will need to practice playing a consistently solid approach and volley game. As approach shots generally finish the point off quickly (either by the approach or after 1 or 2 volleys) this drill makes it ideal for greater net practice due to two players covering the approach shot and the ongoing volleys.

approach shot and volleys

The singles player will only play in the singles court, and the doubles player will cover the full doubles court. The coach can restrict this to singles court for both sides to make it even tougher on the singles player.

The coach should rotate each player after a desired period of time such as 5 minutes.

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