3 Wins At The Net

This is a great, high-paced and physically demanding drill for three players.

  1. The coach will feed an approach shot to a player on the other end standing on the baseline
  2. The player on the other end is covering the singles court while playing against two players on the coaches’ end who are covering the doubles court.
  3. The single player on the other end will hit the approach shot feed and will play out the point against the other two players.
  4. If the singles player wins the point they will receive a volley and will then play out a 2nd point.
  5. If the singles player wins those two points they will receive one final point, which will be fed as a smash.
  6. If the singles player wins that 3rd point they will swap with one of the other two players that the coach picks.
  7. The real physical test of this tennis drill is if the singles player loses any of the points, they must run back and touch the baseline and run back in for another approach shot, starting again trying to win three points in a row.

3 wins at the net - tennis 2 vs 1

This three player tennis drill can also be adapted to suit your cardio/physical training coaching needs. The singles player could complete some jumps, push-ups, sit-ups etc. instead of (or combining with) sprinting back to the baseline. This is up to the coaches discretion, according to the type of players the coach is coaching.

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