Up and Back Side to Side Challenge

This two player drills works on either player developing shots that make their opponent uncomfortable. There’s a few ways to make an opponent uncomfortable – these areas during a match are either physically, mentally or emotionally.

The way this drill works is on making your opponent physically uncomfortable (Andre Agassi was a master of moving a player around the court and making them physically uncomfortable – and with that mentally and perhaps emotionally).

The drill involves one player moving their opponent from side to side (laterally) while the other player has to move their opponent forward and backwards.

side to side and up and back hitting

Note the players should do this drill in a rhythm hitting style of play – in other words, they shouldn’t place the importance of winning the point over trying to maintain a rally.

This way the players can rotate between shots in a rhythmic fashion – for example if you’re moving your opponent from side to side you’ll hit one shot to their left and then the next shot to their right, rather than going back in-behind your opponent and trying to make them miss shot.

In the same way the other player should hit one shot deep and then their next shot short (maintaning that pattern) to ensure a consistent rhythm.

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