Tram Tennis

This drill is a classic favourite for many coaches and players. It’s a great drill for developing the accuracy and overall consistency of a player, however due to it’s small target area and nature of play, it has it’s limitations in only providing an opportunity for a straight rally. However that should not stop you from utilizing this drill.

1. A player (or coach) should feed the ball in down the tramlines/doubles alley and the two players should rally inside this marked area.

2. Develop rhythm by starting off closer to the net and as a player gains success in their accuracy they should move backwards.

tram tennis


Advanced players can also compete against each other in a match of tram tennis. First to 10 points, with a point lost if the player hits the ball outside of the tramlines.

If the tram lines are too tough of a target for a player, then use drop-down lines to mark out a wider tramline.

This can also be used as a volley drill for practicing accuracy off the volley, hitting straight back to a coach who is positioned in the opposing tramlines.


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