Topspin Slice

There are significant footwork and swing differences between a slice and topspin shot. This advanced tennis drill puts pressure on the player to develop both a consistent topspin and slice shot off both the backhand and forehand side.

  1. This advanced tennis drill begins with a coach playing against their player (or if there are two players in the lesson, the coach feeding).
  2. The player who receives the feed will hit a topspin shot back crosscourt to their opponent (in this case both player’s beginning by hitting out of the backhand side for the right-handed player).
  3. The other player will then hit a slice back.
  4. The drill will continue with a player alternating between a slice shot and then their next shot as a topspin shot.
  5. A player can never hit two topspin or slice shots in a row.
  6. A coach should help the player’s realise the different footwork patterns and swing paths for a slice and topspin shot.
  7. After a set period of time the coach should swap the players to hit out of the deuce side (forehand shots for the right-hander).

backhand slice topspin forehand drill

A forehand squash style shot is never really coached, but is used by pro players who are on the run and under pressure. Therefore the slice forehand shot should be taught, and not just purely a backhand slice. A coach should encourage the topspin forehand on the run, and the forehand slice only used under extreme defensive situations.

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