Pick A Corridor

Pick a corridor is a great tennis drill aimed at consistency, technique, footwork and accuracy. It’s a drill that is ideal for an advanced player and because of the nature of the drill can be made harder/easier with ease.

  1. One player (right player in the drill below) will pick a corridor that the other play must hit into (there are three corridors on the court, marked out by the cones and the singles sidelines). During the rally the player on the right will move to another corridor after a few shots in one corridor and their opponent must hit to the corridor that the player has moved to, while continuing the rally.
  2. The player on the right who is moving to other corridors on the court must always hit back to the same corridor their opponent is stationed at.
  3. The coach can move the player on the left who’s fixed position is at one corridor, to another corridor between rallies.
  4. Players should swap roles after a set amount of time.

pick a corridor tennis drill

The coach can create a game out of it, having a first to 10 points scoring system, after which the player’s can swap ends and roles.

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