One Shot At It

One Shot At It, is a tennis game-style drill that is designed for advanced players. It’s very simple, players will play normal sets against each other, however the difference being player’s are only allowed one serve each. This drill is designed to put them into a situation where they’ll need to stay strong mentally, and generally it is those that don’t frustrate themselves, and can stay calm and composed, that come out on top in this drill.

It’s also a good drill for big servers to look to win points in other creative ways. A coach needs to use discretion as to when this drill is ideal to be used in training and when it is not. The type of player, skill level and mental-strength of each individual should all be considered.

serving drill for tennis


The coach can add another layer to the situation by having players who miss, lose two points, instead of the usual one.

  1. February 18, 2014

    This drill has many variations and is great for advanced players. Why not improve the overall game of a big server, by limiting them to hitting their serve to a particularly area of the service court – this will create more rallies, helping the big server practice their baseline game.

    It’s also ideal for an opponent who has a weaker return of serve and needs to practice it.

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