Never The Same

‘Never The Same’ is a serving game designed to develop variety in a player’s serving game. This game is helpful for more advanced players who develop habits of going to the same areas all the time. As soon as a player comes across another player that feels comfortable with certain serves (for instance a left hander) the player then begins to struggle a little more to hold serve.

  1. Two players will compete against each other as per normal, in a normal set of tennis. However a player can not serve the same serve two times in a row, assuming it’s the same side and the same serve (for instance if the player hits a 1st serve flat down the tee on the deuce side, the player cannot do that same serve again next time they are back on the deuce side hitting a 1st serve). However they may go and hit a 1st serve flat down the tee on the advantage side assuming they did not just hit that flat down the tee serve last time they were serving a 1st serve on the advantage side.
  2. The coach should be present to monitor this.

Tennis Serving Drill


This is a drill that can be done with a coach and player in a private lesson as well.


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