I Lob You

In the tennis drill ‘I lo you’ two players will compete against each other in a lob vs. approach shot/volley combination. A lob is an often overlooked shot when it comes to practice and training sessions and is a vital skill to incorporate into a seasons training plan.

  1. One player will be at the baseline and will feed a short ball into play to an opponent on the baseline at the other end of the court. Note: a coach can choose to feed the ball instead.
  2. The opposite player will hit an approach shot and come into the net to volley/smash to finish the point.
  3. The player who originally feeds the ball will attempt to hit a lob back over the other player’s head.
  4. The purpose of the drill is to ensure the player is able to hit a lob in a normal match style situation so the volleyer shouldn’t be standing too far back in preparation for a lob, but should prepare for a likely volley (as per a match situation).

tennis drill lob and approach shot


The coach should ensure both players have an opportunity to practice their lobs, so after a certain time-limit or after a certain number of successful lobs, the partners should swap positions.


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