Down The Alley

This is a game focused on increasing the consistency and accuracy of a player. Also for the middle alleyway component of the drill, it also focuses on centering the ball. By centering the ball a player is reducing the likelihood of an error, while also reducing the angle at which an opponent can hit the ball back.

  1. The coach should set up an alley way, by placing cones on either end of the court.
  2. Two players must hit a pre-defined number of balls down the alley way. A reward or punishment can be applied if they achieve the target. This should be up to the discretion of the coach, where they see appropriate.
  3. After the drill is completed down the centre alleyway, the players can then hit down the forehand and backhand side alleyways, both down-the-line and crosscourt.

down the alley consistency shots

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