Court Return

In this tennis game, the returner of the serve dictates where the point will be played out from.

Simply, the returner will return either down-the-line or cross-court. After which, every shot hit by the returner in that point must go back into that side of the court (either in the Deuce or Ad side). The server will continue the point but will only hit back to the the side that the serve was hit to, so in the image below the server will always hit back to the deuce court since that is where he/she served to. If the returner returns the ball back to the ad court the point will be played out down-the-line.

A normal set of tennis can be played under this scenario. This game will develop consistency and accuracy under pressure. As well as allowing a retuner to pick his/her strengths to play to, i.e. if the returner is good enough on his/her return he/she will be able to return to the side they have the greatest strength hitting to (e.g. crosscourt to the deuce side).

court return tennis drill


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