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Caleb Marshall is from Sydney, Australia and runs the day-to-day side of Tennis Drills HQ.

He has a qualification in Sports Coaching and is a qualified member under both Tennis Australia and the Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association.

Caleb’s passion lies in using the power of the internet to reach as many tennis coaches and players as possible from around the world, in order to create a community that develops better tennis players as well as seeing greater interest and enthusiasm for tennis in all areas of the globe.

You can contact Caleb at caleb [at] tennisdrillshq.com

Our drills include sections that cover the full range of possible tennis coaching lessons. This includes private sessions with one player, semi-private lessons with 2 players, 3 and 4 player lessons as well as group lessons consisting of more than 5 players.

Further to this we have a comprehensive section dedicated to the skill of teaching kids drills and games for tennis. We are pleased to share this knowledge with you, knowing that kids are the future of our sport, and their ability to learn and grow with the game is that much more better we believe with the drills on offer here at TennisDrillsHQ.com.

Our website is still fairly new and will continue to grow over the coming months. So please feel free to subscribe to our email mailing list to stay up to date with all the latest drills that we continue to offer here at Tennis Drills HQ.

If you would like more information or you have feedback for us, we would love to hear from you. Please use our contact page for ways in which you can get in touch.

All the best with your tennis!

From the team at TennisDrillsHQ.com

About Us Tennis Drills HQ

TennisDrillsHQ.com is backed by Australian coaches with more than 60 years experience in both coaching and playing. We love tennis just as much as you do, and decided to create free, professional resources for coaches looking to take their lessons to the next level with in-depth and creative drills, instruction and techniques designed to get the most out of any player’s game.