Welcome to the Web’s Largest Resource of Free Tennis Drills & Exercises

We have specifically created this website to give tennis coaches and players from around the world the best free resource in terms of tennis drills and game-based training scenario’s that will help players of all levels and abilities reach their peak.

Tennis Drills HQ is an ever growing resource that will continue to expand over the coming months. For now there are over 140 free drills available for coaches and players to use at their next tennis training session. Look under the drills section in the top navigation to find a range of different drills for different training scenarios!




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Tennis Drills

Welcome to Tennis Drills HQ a free resource for coaches and players

If you’re looking to learn new and innovative tennis drills, practice routines, tennis games, videos, tactics, techniques and tips than this is the site for you. Improve your tennis game and get the edge over your competition with Tennis Drills HQ!

Developed by professional and accredited tennis coaches with over 60 years combined experience, tennis coaching in Sydney and around the world, as well as having extensive coaching experience, we have developed the ultimate resource to push your game to new heights tactically, physically and mentally.

On our website you’ll find an abundance of resources including drills for private and semi-private lessons, group lessons, coaching kids and new beginners, coaching top junior players, stroke progression, physical fitness and footwork drills and so much more.

You’ll also find mental techniques and tactics that we discuss on how to beat your opponents no matter what style of play they have. Along with this will come drills that work hand in hand with helping you practice against certain players.

Our tennis drills and resources cover the full range of tennis playing ability. Whether you’re coaching new players and their stroke progression, groups of children as young as 4 years old, or more advanced players looking to learn the in-depth tactics of the game, we have every resource you need as a coach or player to effectively coach and learn no matter what age or skill level.

This is what you’ll receive:

Please feel free to look at all our drills located in the navigation bar above. Our website is still in development and will be continually updated for a long time to come. We have a range of practice routines, coaching videos, tennis techniques and drills that will be available soon (many may already be up).

And best of all, we have a wide range of free content that is targeted at helping tennis coaches get the most out of their players.

Whether you’re a coach or a player, there’s no better investment into your passion for tennis then with Tennis Drills HQ. You’ll receive a vast array of tennis drills that you’ll be able to implement straight away and see great improvements in both your coaching professionalism and your student’s tennis game.

Tennis drills are designed to help you improve your coaching skills so you will have more options on the court. We have developed a wide variety of drills that are perfect for people just getting started with the sport or those that want to perfect their game.

All of our drills were developed by accredited tennis coaches with a vast amount of experience so you can be sure that you will get everything you need out of your lesson.

Add to that…

Private, semi-private, group or coaching sessions for kids are available so you can jump in and find the coaching resources that suit your on-court needs.

Drills for Players New to Tennis

If you are hoping to learn the game, there are plenty of tennis drills that can help you slowly build your skill level.

  • Drills designed for kids that focus on improving overall fundamental perceptual motor skills will help your students improve their overall biomechanical movements and hitting so they can develop accurate and consistent shots.
  • Accuracy based drill will give you the skills to put the ball in the right area, an essential skill for beginners to learn.
  • Lessons that focus on tennis drills for kids are also available, helping them learn the rules and basics on the game. With a bit of practice you can get the whole family playing together!

Above all, tennis drills for beginners are meant to help build consistency. This will help young players learn the skills they need to play the game on their own.

Whether you have never played the game before or it’s been years since you’ve picked up a racket, we focus on providing you with a variety of different tennis games and drills that will keep things fresh and fun as you learn the game.

Intermediate and Advanced Skill Development

Once the basics are down pat, players can move into a class that offers a more advanced curriculum to help build new skill sets on-court.

  • There are drills for practice with singles play, as well as tennis doubles drills to get a feel for how to properly play tennis with a partner.
  • Levels drills will get more advanced and athletic, encouraging players to chase down the ball with fluent footwork and develop the skills needed to return any serve or play any style of player.
  • Contest tennis drills will get you working with others, learning what it takes to play a standard game of tennis rather than returning practice shots. These games will create match realistic environments.
  • The drills cover every style of player including how to play at the net, and feel comfortable about moving forward into the court. Developing an attacking mindset with a player is crucial in helping a player win a match on their own racquet.

There are a variety of strokes and footwork necessary to successfully play the game of tennis. We will help you learn each of these aspects of the game so you can increase your footwork skill set and abilities in moving around the court, and to the ball with ease.

Whether you’re a coach yourself or a player who is hoping to either casually participate in the game or hoping to gain a competitive edge, practicing the right drills will give you the skills you need.

Developing Athleticism

Tennis footwork drills or practice swings can help you build up your overall fitness level both on and off the court.

  • Coaches and players should ensure they incorporate a range of cardio and body strength exercises into their training sessions. Focus on building upper body strength while getting a cardio workout. Our drills can include any core stability or cardio incorporated into each, as the coach sees fit.
  • Footwork drills will increase your mental clarity on the court and increase your stamina, which will help your overall cardiovascular health and stamina.
  • Properly practicing your drill set will not only increase technical and tactical play but a range of other benefits including flexibility and general anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

Increase the fun and enjoyment in your training sessions by including a range of our tennis drills – they are a great foundation to any lesson. This sport combines long-timed athletic training with fast paced, short bursts of exercise that can boost your stamina.

When coaches incorporate the practice of these drills properly into each lesson, a coach can ensure their players get a great workout without putting too much strain on your body and risking injury. If you want to learn more about what tennis drills can do to your game or your athletic levels, check out what Tennis Drills HQ has to offer.